Oceanfront Realty is a boutique style real estate practice based in the Cayman Islands. We specialize in beach and canal front residential properties for high net worth individuals. Oceanfront Realty offers our clients a one-on-one service and are dedicated to meeting your real estate needs. Our mission is to provide a premium service in a genuine, trustworthy and professional manner. We make it our priority to respond quickly, diligently and thoroughly to any questions you may have.

Juliette Price – Cayman Islands Realtor

Juliette Price - Oceanfront Realty On Grand CaymanJuliette Price is a Cayman Islands realtor. Born and raised in this tropical paradise, Juliette truly understands the benefits of living on Grand Cayman.

Juliette was educated in Cayman Islands, the United States and the United Kingdom. She completed a Bachelors of Accounting at the American University in Washington DC, and earned a MBA in Entrepreneurship from Imperial College at the University of London.

She has successfully completed all the required training to become a CIREBA certified Cayman Islands realtor, and has an excellent understanding of what it is that makes the Cayman Islands attractive to residents and foreign investors alike. Juliette brings a highly personalized level of service to every client, and particularly enjoys working as a buyer’s representative.

Juliette has also traveled extensively. She enjoys spending time with her family at their second home in Asheville, North Carolina. On Grand Cayman, Juliette and family love the Seven Mile Beach lifestyle.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, Juliette will ensure that the process is an enjoyable experience.

Nora Balderamos – Cayman Islands Realtor

Nora Balderamos - Realtor at Oceanfront Realty Cayman IslandsNora Balderamos is a Cayman Islands realtor. She was born in San Francisco, and raised around the world from Hawaii to Germany, with many years spent in the southern United States. Nora has a passion for showing off her adopted island home. Having lived in Cayman now for 13 years, and having received Caymanian Status, Nora understands the unique nature of the island’s economy, society, and real estate market.

Nora graduated from Auburn University, in Auburn Alabama, with a degree in Business Management. Beyond professionalism, she brings southern hospitality and charm to the search for the perfect real estate solution. Having spent many years managing property here in Cayman, Nora is excited to focus on all aspects of the real estate market while being an agent for both rentals and sales.

Though laid back in her personal life, Nora is obsessive about customer service and has a tenacious work attitude.

Nora loves to travel and meet new people, and, with her husband and two dogs, enjoys days on the beach and training for marathons.

Jill Davison – Cayman Islands Realtor

Jill Davison - Realtor at Oceanfront Realty Cayman IslandsJill Davison is an accomplished and enthusiastic Cayman Islands agent who brings a strategic yet personable approach to the residential buying, selling and renting process. Drawing from years of experience in the financial services sector at such firms as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, Jill has built a reputation for refreshingly friendly customer care underpinned by responsiveness, consistent communication and a proven ability to ensure a seamless, stress-free transaction. Utilizing her passion for real estate and sharp attention to detail, she loves to assist buyers in a highly focused search for their new house or investment property and to ensure sellers realize the most value for their investment.

Having been raised here, Jill brings a lifetime of Cayman Islands living and a strong background in negotiation to her clients. She happily serves all three of our gorgeous islands and specializes in home buying and selling, investment properties, luxury homes and condos, multi-residential properties and property management. Having been an active investor in Cayman Islands real estate for her entire adult life, Jill has a unique understanding of what it is like to stand in her clients’ shoes. Married to a contractor who specializes in home renovations, she and her family move around often, giving her a first hand perspective and sensitivity towards her clients’ journey. Jill understands that real estate transactions are among the biggest decisions in a person’s life and views guiding her clients through this process as a true privilege.