Buying Cayman Islands real estate is a straightforward process, and one made simple with the expert guidance of Oceanfront Realty.

In addition to being a highly desirable place to live and work, the Cayman Islands real estate market is booming and accordingly presents compelling investment opportunities in land, and residential and commercial properties. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of land for personal use, with the exception that a business license is required if a foreign national holds several properties.

Foreign buyers in particular are often attracted to investing in Cayman Islands real estate because there are no annual property taxes, and no taxes on profits, capital gains, estates or death duties. There is, however, a one time stamp tax (land transfer) tax charged to the buyer when land or property is purchased. The land transfer process is a simple one that involves having the vendor and purchaser sign a single Land Transfer document to legally transfer title. The Cayman Islands Government guarantees title for all real estate transactions.

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