If you are thinking of living in Cayman Islands, you have chosen one of the premier island destinations in the world to live. At just over 100 square miles in size this British Overseas Territory may be small geographically, but when it comes to quality of life, Cayman Islands is a big player.

The slogan CaymanKind is used when marketing the destination, and for good reason; the local culture is based on one of courtesy and kindness. This is a place where traditional values are upheld, where family time is treasured, where being a good neighbor is expected, and where new residents receive a warm welcome. The result is a vibrant and internationally sophisticated population grounded by an authentic Caribbean culture.

The country was recognized by Forbes as the World’s Friendliest Country (2012). Imagine moving to a place where people are kind and friendly, where the sun shines most days, and where there is a wealth of things to do. This is what is living in Cayman Islands is all about! Here are some additional reasons why you should considering living in Cayman Islands.

Family Friendly

Families living in Cayman Islands appreciate the fact the country is safe and a wonderful place to raise children. There is an excellent selection of schools and extracurricular activities for children of all ages. Family friendly neighborhoods abound, as do lots of places to play outdoors year-round. From fun weekends at the beach to splashing in the water fountains at Camana Bay, from learning about turtles at the Turtle Farm and kissing stingrays for luck, or taking lessons at the National Art Gallery and performing in Junior Batabano, there is always something fun for kids to do here.

Arts & Culture

Cayman Islands has a thriving arts and culture community. If you are artistically inclined The National Art Gallery and Harquail Theatre are two organizations that arts lovers will enjoy. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation hosts numerous cultural events year-round and often attracts internally acclaimed premier performers to the delight of local audiences.

Sports and Fitness

If you want to get fit and enjoy an active lifestyle, Cayman Islands is the place to live. In addition to a sunny and warm year-round climate that is conducive to outdoor sports, you can also stay in shape in the comfort of air conditioned facilities such as the numerous gyms and yoga studios on the island. Outdoor sports include every marine based sport imaginable, from diving, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing and more, to land based activities such as golfing, running, rugby, and soccer. The island also has numerous tennis courts and in tribute to its West Indies heritage, some cricket fields too.

Shopping and Services

When it comes to moving to a Caribbean island, managing day to day routines can sometimes be a shock for those accustomed to big city services. Not so in Grand Cayman! We have an excellent variety of grocery stores, professional services and personal service providers. We may lack the big box retailers that characterize the mainland retail landscape, but we make up for it with some interesting boutiques and a bit of shopping online fills in a few gaps!

To learn more about the many benefits of living in Cayman Islands, please contact us. We’d love to introduce you to our CaymanKind way of life.