Personal Real Estate Consulting

Juliette Price delivers a high level of personal service to every client that is looking to buy or sell Cayman Islands property.

The process starts with a commitment to listening carefully, and taking time to truly understand the client’s goals, interests and budget. From there, Juliette is able to use her in-depth market knowledge and contacts to help find the right land, condos, villas or residences to present. For buyers, this approach results in an efficient and stress-free exercise.

Juliette’s services go beyond helping buyers find Cayman Islands property. She will also make introductions to mortgage loan officers, quantity surveyors (for land and property valuations), house insurance agents, and more. Her commitment to providing personal real estate services starts with your first inquiry and does not end until you have acquired your property.  After you have purchased your new property Juliette is still more than happy to assist with tasks such as finding the right property insurance agent, setting up a mail box service or cellular phone program, selecting an interior designer, unpacking and much more.  Juliette’s ultimate goal is to help you get settled and organized, so you can start enjoying the fabulous Cayman Islands lifestyle.

For vendors, Juliette understands the desire to sell a property as quickly and smoothly as possible, at the right price and to the right buyer.  Her expert guidance will help make this process a pleasant one.